# Critical Job Interview Mistake 01

Inadequate Preparation For The Interview

One of the most critical mistakes that you can make in a job interview is to arrive unprepared for the interview. There are too many job seekers out there who do not do any research into the company that they are interviewing for. How can you prove that you are the right candidate for a job or a specific position if you do not know anything about the job for which you are applying?

Benjamin Franklin is known for a famous quote, “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”, and this quote is never more applicable than when it comes to preparing for a job interview. It is imperative that you do all of the necessary homework long beforehand. If you come off as an enthusiastic and committed candidate for the job, you will have a much better chance of impressing whoever is interviewing you.

As soon as you find out that you will be interviewing for a company, research them and the position that you will be interviewing for. This way, you can demonstrate that you are absolutely the right candidate for the job by answering the questions that your interviewer poses effectively and intelligently. You will also be able to prepare the most appropriate questions to ask of your interviewer as well.

The most obvious way to prepare yourself for a job interview is to visit the website for the company that you are interviewing with. You will find a lot of useful information on most company websites. Other website resources that are worth exploring include websites relating to the industry, websites offering business information, and websites belonging to competing companies. You may also want to visit your local library to find out about relevant periodicals and directories.

Another useful idea is to visit the company beforehand, picking up any relevant information and brochures that are available there. You may also feel inclined to observe for a little while. The better prepared that you are for your interview ahead of time, the greater your chances will be for success.

Preparing yourself for your job interview will have a great impact on avoiding a number of the critical mistakes that follow after this one. For example, by researching the employer and company beforehand, you can better prepare yourself both to answer questions posed by the interviewer and to ask the right questions when prompted. With the right information about the company beforehand can have a significant impact on how comfortable and prepared you to come across to the employer. This is one of the most ideal ways to prove that you are the right candidate for the job.

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