# Critical Job Interview Mistake 10

Marketing Yourself Incorrectly

This is another vital and critical mistake that needs to be avoided in your initial job interview. It is imperative that you market yourself correctly in your job interview in order to be successful when proving yourself as the ideal candidate for a specific company or position.

You need to be able to define yourself properly, and to map out your skills to the skills that the job you are applying for requires. You need to know what your major strengths are, and your major accomplishes, especially as they relate to the job that you are hoping to apply and interview for. You need to use the questions you ask and the answers to the questions the interviewer asks to make you really stand out.

Your goal should be to become memorable in the eyes of your future employer without standing out in a negative way. If you have unusual job experiences, interesting skills, unusual hobbies or other characteristics that will help you stand out from the other candidates applying for the job, and then you should bring this up in a way that is natural. Now should not be the time to name drop, and you should not be aiming to make the interviewer feel uncomfortable or inadequate in any way.

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Editorial Staff

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