How To Get More Visibility For Yourself In The Organization

Most managers accept the fact that their good performance alone is usually not enough to gain the visibility they need in the organization. They have to perform PR services for themselves. You can call attention to yourself through the performance record of subordinates or through proposing more challenges for your work group.


Publicize the actual achievements of employees

You may have a new foreman who looks promising, but that’s iffy. It’s much better to be able to report, “Three months in the job, and Mike Halliday has those people shipping on an average of 25 percent more than they did before he took over.” If you picked Mike for the job, so much more credit for you. And with Mike getting recognized for his work, he may be motivated to up the production even more.


Seek recognition for your employees

A lot of it will rub off on you. How about a request for a special commendation for someone like Mike? It calls attention to both of you. An innovative memo from a subordinate can be sent on to higher management with your comments. Good thinking in your department has to be partly a consequence of the climate you create. Incidentally, even if you’re not sure about the soundness of the idea, you might want to send it on anyway. No telling what someone above you may think about it.


Volunteer your department for more work

A tough job coming up? Try to grab it. You get double publicity: when you take the assignment on, and again when you complete it. Eventually, you’ll build a reputation for yourself as a can-do manager.

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