How To Survive As A Superstar In Your Organization

You are regarded in your organization as an exceptional performer, a person with special promise and excellent career prospect. And that, of course, makes you vulnerable. There are those who would like to shoot you down, those who want to use you, and those who would like to keep you safely contained. You need to pay special attention to how you treat the people you work with because you are superstar where all are focusing on you. If you don’t, you’ll find that the minute you stumble, a lot of people will try to take advantage of the fact. Find below are some of the things you can do to survive as a SUPERSTAR!

Keep doing a good job where you are

There will always be some people you work with who will regard you as a threat. Because they’d like nothing more than to trip you up, you have to regard them as possible threats, too. There will be games played or political moves made often with the purpose of putting you in a bad light or a weak position. There will be badmouthing. You can’t afford to ignore what is going on. But your best protection is doing your usual outstanding job where you are and making sure people know about it. Superior competence isn’t a totally secure shield, but it gives more protection than political sharpness in your desired career.

Build a loyal cadre

A superstar carries weight outside the department. Knowing that people will ask you to put in a good word, to give them support in a proposal, etc. When you do favors or act as sponsor for people who are likely to do well, you are collecting perfectly ethical IOUs that one day will be useful to you move up in your career ladder.

Cultivate other employees

There will be others of your class in the organization whom you can learn from—and gain support from. Peer mentoring is not a common event. But the two of you, or three, can help close the gaps in one another’s knowledge. It’s a class with which you want to be identified. And although there is bound to be certain competitiveness, it will be fair and open. Furthermore, it will be an additional channel of communication that goes both ways.

Make your goals known

You may be doing such a good job where management would like to keep you there. Let it be known that you expect, at a certain time, to get more responsibility. You may also imply, carefully, that if you can’t find the challenge in this organization, you wouldn’t be averse to look elsewhere. Your superstar status will add impact to your implied statement of restlessness.

Make outside contacts

Get into a community and national volunteer groups, professional associations, anywhere you are likely to meet other high-level, influential people. Your cultivation of people outside the organization will not go unnoticed. These contacts will help you open new avenues to attain the highest position in your career sooner that you expect. Also, your bosses can hardly overlook the possibility that you have somewhere else to go, perhaps several somewheres, if you don’t find what you want “at home.”

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